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High Tech Cleaning Co. Testimonials

“I’ve worked with High Tech Cleaning Co. for nearly 5 years at multiple healthcare locations (ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, MRI suites, physical therapy departments) and the service has exceeded expectations on every level. The staff is trained on the latest infection prevention techniques and I never doubt that our space is cleaned in accordance with infection control best practices. They routinely reach out to our facility contacts to ensure expectations are being met and they are always responsive/receptive to feedback. If a specific need arises outside of the realm of our contract, they are always willing to provide the service and on a timeline that meets our needs. We have many things to worry about in healthcare, and it is nice to know that environmental services is not one of them when you work with High Tech. I would strongly recommend their services to any healthcare delivery provider as I know our patients are treated in some of the cleanest facilities in town!”

Aaron Johnson
Chief Operating Officer Twin Cities Orthopedics

To Whom It May Concern:
I am delighted to write a professional reference for Joel Ciaccio and his staff at High-Tech Cleaning.
Our organization had a bit of a “cleaning crisis” a few months hack when our housekeeper of seventeen years retired. She gave us a three-month notice and we began our search. At first, I didn’t believe this would be a challenge at all. I called two other medical facilities and asked them for references. They both said, “If you find someone, let us know. We are unhappy with our current cleaning service.” That is where the panic set in. The offices of The Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic have never hired a cleaning service before. We had always had our own staff and we were very reluctant to use a service. We thought no one could possibly ca.re as much about our clinic as our employees do.
We received the name of High-Tech Cleaning and immediately stm1ed making some calls. Some of the words used to describe their services were “pristine” and “professional”. A few phone calls and a few meetings later and our initial fears were calmed and we signed on.
Tight level of care and concern for our building by High-Tech’s employees far exceeded anything I could have imagined. They immediately took ownership and responsibility for “our” building. A strong team approach was established at the onset. We have had the good fortune to ease into a relationship that is open and efficient. I have been very impressed with High-Tech’s staff and their eagerness to learn and master their tasks. They arc courteous and professional and the transition was much easier than anyone could have predicted.
Joel is available to answer questions and follows through in a timely manner. We talked extensively about our needs and High-Tech has delivered.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.
Bobbi J. Nawrocki Office

High Tech Cleaning has been cleaning our medical building since 2006. During this time they have proven themselves to be thorough, efficient, and reliable. Since we are a medical/surgical facility, our cleaning codes are more stringent and held to a higher standard by the state. High Tech Cleaning has always maintained these stringent standards.
High Tech Cleaning has also been very responsive during emergency situations. i.e.: we had a water pipe break on a weekend, and High Tech Cleaning came in and made sure we were up and running for business on Monday.
I have found employees to be professional, reliable and honest.
I would have no qualms about recommending High Tech Cleaning Company to anyone looking for an excellent cleaning crew.
Janet Pokorny
Director of Clinical Operations Twin Cities Orthopedics

To whom it may concern:
Please accept this letter as our recommendation of High-Tech Cleaning Company. They have been maintaining our properties for almost eight years and we are completely satisfied with their services.
High Tech cleaners are very thorough on their cleaning. Many of the tenants in our buildings have commented that they have never had their suites cleaned so well. High-Tech personnel have always been professional and prompt in both cleaning and communicating with us.
It is our pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend High-Tech Cleaning without any reservation.
Carol Elstad
Property Manager

To Whom It May Concern:
Crossroads properties would like you to know how very pleased we are with the quality of service that we have received from High Tech Cleaning Company. They have been cleaning both of our Oak Ridge professional buildings in Burnsville since December, 2012.
Not only is the level of service that they provide on a daily basis top quality, but they are extremely dependable and are always quick to respond to phone calls or emails. We have had several unexpected and “emergency” Items come up that they always handle for us, which is greatly appreciated, since our office is located several miles from the Burnsville offices.
We very rarely hear of any complaints from our tenants, but if something does get missed, they are always quick to respond not only to us, but directly to the tenant, and get any items resolved quickly and thoroughly.
Joel and Tim are both exceptional people that are extremely honest, and clearly take a great deal of pride in making sure the buildings that they are responsible for are well taken care of. They seem to genuinely care not only about their customers, but for their employees as well. We could not be happier with the services that they provide to us, and would easily recommend their services.
David Johnson

“We began working with HighTech Cleaners in 2011. Since this time, we have been more than happy with the services and quality we receive from them. They are responsive to our needs and understand the health care environment. Compliance with infection control standards are imperative in the health care industry and more so in the last 3-5 years. HighTech understands these standards and works with us to ensure our compliance. More importantly, they understand our commitment to the patients we are serving to ensure a safe and clean environment. We have also found HighTech to understand the competitive nature of our business and how facility appearance and cleanliness can be key differentiators from other providers. Overall, we have been more than satisfied with their services and quality. ”
Take Care,

To whom it may concern:
I am wri ting to recommend the services of HighTech Cleaning Company Inc. We have been with High Tech cleaning services for the past 5 years. They continue to provide our center with an outstanding high level of cleanliness that has exceeded our expectations.
I have been very pleased with their high level of customer service. They have gone above and beyond to attend our monthly infection control meetings, work tirelessly to accommodate the changing needs of our center and have been nothing but professional.
We would highly recommend their services to all. Sincerely,
Sharon Richmond